Makrana Marbles

Makrana marble is odest and best quality of marble in this world. Taj mahal was billed by makrana marble/stone in 1653. But till today if you will see tajmalhal flooring it is giving good shining. Because Makrana marble composition is mainly calcite. How much we will use Makrana marble like we will walk on it, wash it, its glow will increase on decrease like other stone.  They why it world best quality of marble not only of India. In India we have too many types of Makrana marble but mainly Makrana marble types and details are shown below.

  1.  Dungri marble
  2. Albeta marble or albeto marble
  3. Chak dungri marble
  4. Kumari marble
  5. Makrana matawaram marble
  6. Brown albeta marble
  7. Makrana pink marble
  8. Makrana white marble
  9. Makrana pure white marble


Makrana marble rates / prices / cost

Makrana marble price and rates are start from 40 per sq. feet up to 2000 Rs. Per sq. feet.  Makrana kumari marble is starting from 40 Rs. Per sq. feet up to 80 Rs. Per sq. feet. Makrana dungri marble prices / rates start from 60 Rs. Up to 200 Rs. Per sq. feet. Makrana chak dungri marble is starting from 200 Rs. Per sq. feet up to 500 rs. Per sq. feet, albeta marble is prices / rates starting from 150 Rs. Per sq. feet up to 500 Rs. Per sq. feet and Makrana white marble prices / rates starting from 150 Rs. Per sq. feet up 2000 Rs. Per sq. feet. But remember few other product which look like Makrana marble but they are not Makrana marble you can get in too much low cost but they are duplicate Makrana marble if they are selling you by the name of Makrana marble. You can see this kind of marble in kishangrh and jaipur.

Now I am showing makrana marble makrana marble flooring, makrana marble floor design and makrana marble qualities/types photos below.


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